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Tenet of the Week:


 “Never giving up.”

I pick myself up each time I fall. I can do hard things.

Utah Valley's Premiere Martial Arts Studio & Fitness Center

Safety First - Look both ways before going into parking lot!

With so many people coming and going it can get pretty hectic. Cars may not be able to see you, so be safe!

No Peanuts Please!

We have students who are severely allergic, so don’t bring peanuts to BST and wash your hands if you ate them earlier. Thanks for keeping each other safe!

Bring a water bottle to classes!

To be able to get a drink during class, make sure to bring a water bottle with your name on it!

We have a Bike Rack at BST!

Please bring a bike lock, and remember to take bikes home each night!


 (Parents of Ninjas Association)

To get involved talk to the Front Desk!

No shoes, food, or non-water drinks on the mat!

Help us take care of our training space and keep it clean! 

We always bow when we go on and off the mat.

This shows respect and gratitude for our training space. 

Remember to show respect by saying "Yes Ma'am/Sir"

A huge part of showing respect is acknowledging when someone has spoken to you!

Pushups: consequence not punishment

Consequences are a fact of life.  We like pushups because they build the core muscles we need to excel!

Keep your hair out of your face!

This shows confidence and improves your technique. No hats or full-head coverings please.

Wasatch Exhibition

TBD Fall 2021 

June CBT Paperwork Due June 4 @5pm









Regular Classes this week!

Goal Check-in: April is wrapping up & May is starting! Check your April goals sheet and do the review on the back. How did you do? Pick up a Goals Example sheet at the front desk this week & come prepared to set new goals for May! 

Check and make sure your new rank is updated in the computer! You want to make sure your attendances are counting for the correct rank!

Summer Day Camp Registration ends May21st @ 5pm!  Camps start June 1 and go through Aug 6 and will go from 9 am to 5 pm. Each week will have its own unique theme and associated activities. Themes include: Harry Potter, Star Wars, Frozen, Mad Science, Space Exploration, Legos, and more! Get all 10 weeks for just $1599 until May 21st, or do individual weeks for just $250 each! Reserve your spot today, as space is limited! (ages 5-12).

Registration Deadlines on  Friday May 7th for the following Events:

  • Belt Jump Camp Early Registration (June 14-18)– Get your next rank in just 1 week! $320 for Beginning ranks & $365 for Intermediate,  Advanced, & Black Belt ranks (Includes sparring hours) until May 7th. Check out the schedule here. Fill out your registration form today!
  • Leadership Conference Early Registration (June 21-25th) – Join us for a week learning leadership skills in the mountains. We will have several training sessions each day, as well as games, crafts, hikes, and cliff jumping. It is a total blast and we learn a ton! For 12 years+ unless you have special permission from Master Sorenson. Just $500 until May 7th. 2pm Monday – 2pm Friday.
  • Black Belt Overnighter Normal Registration – All Black Belt Testers and current Black Belts are invited to attend! We’ll be doing our ropes course, sunrise hike, team building activities, and meditation challenge! Price is $50 and includes the exclusive BBT 2022 T-shirt!
  • Sparring Seminar (Saturday May 15th) Normal Registration – This seminar is for all ranks, and will help you to improve your sparring skills so you can take them to the next level. Attending does count for sparring hours, which is great for those who need to catch up or want to get ahead, so get registered today! Registration forms are in the document center in the front entryway.

If you register for any of these events b/c of this post, please put “Master Page” in the place where it asks you who told you about the event. (We’re having a competition! ;D)

Parent volunteers are always welcome for events! If you want to be involved/help out, just let us know at the front desk!

PreSchool Pre-Registration for  the 2021/2022 school year is open now! Am, Pm, and full day schedules available. Space is limited, so reserve your spot today! Call to schedule a free, no pressure tour! 

  •  Classroom Tour – come see our awesome tree house!
  • Introduction to our Montessori-inspired learning environment
  • Meet the teachers & staff
  • Discounted rates for early registration!

We have updated the BST Calendar that is compatible with your student manual! You can view & download the PDF Here, or you can order a printed version via email or @ the front desk. 

Check out our updated class schedule

  • Weapons Class is on Mondays at 7pm. This class will build your hand-eye coordination & attention to detail. Plus it is just fun! All Black Belt Club members are invited to attend, but must have their own weapons.
  • Tricks & Flips Class is on Wednesdays at 7pm. This class will build your core and improve many aspects of your Taekwondo, besides learning cool skills to spice up your creative performances (like demo team, weapons, or creative forms). All Black Belt Club members are invited to attend. Come try it this week and be prepared to have a blast! 
  • Online Class Reminder: Please keep in mind that instructors for online classes will only hold the class if students are there at the start of class, so please make sure you’re on time or the class may be canceled due to non-attendance.

Tired of hauling your gear to and from the studio, or worse, leaving it at home and getting to do pushups? If this sounds like you, then we have a solution! Big enough to hold your uniform, gloves, and sparring gear,  our on-site lockers can be rented for just $7.50/month or $60/year! Availability is limited, so if you want one, talk to the front desk today! 

Upcoming Events*: 

*Dates and times subject to change. Any changes will be announced asap.

  • May 15 @ 11am – Sparring Seminar
  • May 28-29 – Black Belt Overnighter
  • May 31- June 4 – Black Belt Prep Camp
  • June 12 @ 8 am – Black Belt Testing Trial 1
  • June 14-18 – Belt Jump Camp
  • June 14-18 – Color Belt Testing
  • June 21-25 – Leadership Conference
  • July 24 from 9-1pm – Board Breaking Seminar
  • August 7 from 11-2pm – Breaking Extravaganza
  • September 11 @ 11am – BST Hanmadang 2
  • September 18 @ 9am – Black Belt Testing Trial 1
  • September 20-24 – Color Belt Testing
  • October 9 @11am – Sparring Tournament
  • November 13 @11am – Board Breaking Tournament
  • December 4 @ 11am – Black Belt Challenge Tournament
  • December 11 @ 8 am – Black Belt Testing Trial 2
  • December 13-17 – Color Belt Testing


Testing Info/Updates

Techniques Week – Green Tape

 Watch the youtube videos to view your requirements and come to class with questions!

For your Green Tape: to practice and pass off your green tape you need your free-sparring gear! For Green Belts and higher this means head gear & free-sparring boots as well as the gloves!

For your Black Tape: Remember that you need to do a Performance 25 for each of your required forms in order to get your black tape!  Watch the youtube videos to review & practice!

Sparring hours are 6 hours within the last 3 months at rank. Please know that sparring is a consistent requirement, so even if you don’t test you need to attend sparring regularly!

Covid-19 Safety Precautions

Do NOT Enter BST if you have any of the following symptoms:



Runny Nose

Any other Flu-like symptoms

If you are quarantined due to possible Covid exposure somewhere else, please do not attend classes at BST. We have online options available until you are cleared to leave quarantine. 

  • All Programs: We are still wearing masks. Please wear your mask at all times when inside the studio. 
  • Sparring: If you do not feel comfortable sparring a person you can spar on a bag instead. 
  • Parents: Spectators are welcome if they wear a mask at all times and social distance as much as possible. Visiting children must remain with their caregiver at all times. 

June Color Belt Testing Week Starts in








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Download your Testing Paperwork from Kicksite!

Drop-Off & Pick-Up:

  • Please follow the arrows for flow of traffic!
  • Do not leave your vehicle in the Loading Zone. 
  • Do not block the Drive-Thru Lane. 
New Student Special

Web Special: New students who mention this ad will receive 1 month FREE during registration. 

Referral Rewards

For every referral who signs up  you earn 25 BST Buks to be used toward testing fees, tuition, or  proshop items!

School Talks

Want us to come do a talk at your school? We have a variety of topics that support teachers. Click here for info!