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Word of the Week:


“An act of help or assistance, to give aid.”

You may wonder why service is part of physical growth. It is because when we physically serve others, we grow faster than we would otherwise. There is something about serving that opens our mind, body, and spirit to the possibilities around us and sets us free. By going out of our way to really help others, we are also helping ourselves.

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Regular Classes This Week!

Leadership Food Drive! Service is an important part of being part of our community, and the Food & Care Coalition needs food for families! Please help us help those in our area who don’t have food this holiday season! Our goal is to reach 2,000 items. They specifically need the following items:

  • Wet goods: condiments, peanut butter, jelly, syrup, etc.
  • Canned meat: tuna, chicken, beef, etc.
  • Canned Fruit: mandarin oranges, peaches, pears, etc.
  • Soup & Stew
  • Items for kids nutrition packs: granola bars, natural juice boxes, raisins, peanut butter crackers, Easy Mac, etc.

Tricking Seminar December 9th (12-2pm)! Master Jeon from Salt Lake will be teaching this fun, two hour seminar. His demo team has some of the best tricking in the state, and we are excited to be able to learn from him! Sign up at the front desk asap! (Cost: $35)

Sparring Party! (Saturday, Dec 2, 9am-12pm) Sparring and Party? Do those words even go together? Yes they do! While tournaments are the best way to grow fast, seminars are the next best thing. This Sparring Party is way more than just an extra long sparring class; It is a fun event that will build up sparrers of all levels!  We will have a blast while also learning and growing! We strongly encourage all those who will be testing for their Green Belt this December to get their gear now so they will be ready and able to attend this event, especially because all gear will be on sale for the month of November! Cost is $35. Please sign up at the front desk asap so we can schedule instructors!

Biggest Sale of the Year Going on NOW! Now is the best time to get your Christmas Shopping done, because as of November 1st, everything we sell will be 10% off. This includes uniforms, sparring gear, weapons, training equipment, and special orders! We will be placing our Christmas order on Thursday November 30th so that items will be here in time for Christmas, so browse the catalogues, look at the signs, and get some gifts that will come in useful all year round! Or just get some fun, TKD themed swag. Either way, it’s the best time to get it! 🙂

Please Schedule your Goals & Reviews! Yellow/Green Belts, Blue/Red Belts, Ninja High White/Yellows, and Tiger Black Belts need a goals & review before their next CBT!

We have a Bike Rack at BST! Students who ride their bikes have a place to lock them up! Please make sure you do bring a bike lock, and remember to take bikes home each night. We don’t want bikes to go missing!


P.O.N.A.’s Corner

The next PONA meeting is TBD

BST Carpool: Some parents have expressed interest in a carpool list. This list will allow parents to communicate with others about where they live and who they can connect with to carpool for Taekwondo classes and events. Please contact us at the email or phone number above if you are interested in getting your name on a carpool list. Please give us your name, city, and phone number.

PONA’s Facebook Group: We have a Facebook group called PONA (Parents of Ninjas Association). The following link is where BST parents can request access to the Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/BSTPONA/

Safety First - Look both ways before going out into parking lot!

There are lots of cars in the parking lot and lots of parents dropping off and picking up kids. Remember this when you are running out to your car and make sure it is safe before you step into the parking lot!

Bring a water bottle to classes!

We want to stay hydrated for peak performance, but waiting around to get drinks can use up a lot of class time. Come prepared with your own water so that we can re-hydrate and get back to learning as soon as possible!


2017 Yearly Calendars Available!

We have printed the yearly calendar for 2017. These full-color calendars have our close dates for the year, along with testing dates and other pertinent information. They are available upon request at the front desk. Please pick one up at your earliest convenience. The link to this calendar is also available on our website, kicktoday.com, in the menu at the top of the page.

Parent Association – PONA (Parents of Ninjas Association)

Some parents have expressed an interest in creating a parent association here at BST. There is a letter explaining areas where parents can volunteer at the front desk, as well as sign ups posted in the hall. If you have any questions please contact Mr. Waterlyn. You can get his contact info at the front desk, or email us at Beyondsportsutah@gmail.com and we can forward it to you.

No wearing shoes or eating on the mat please!

The mat is a special place reserved for practicing Taekwondo, and we need to remember to respect that space by taking care of it. Both wearing shoes and eating food on the mat can damage it or at the very least get it dirty, which makes our studio less enjoyable to learn in. If you see someone who doesn’t know or who has forgotten these rules, please respectfully remind them that that food and shoes need to stay off the mat!


Remember to bow when you go on and off the mat.

This is a way we show respect to our environment. We are so blessed to have such a clean, big training area, and we need to make sure we are showing our gratitude.  

Remember to show respect by saying "Yes Ma'am/Sir"

A huge part of showing respect is simply acknowledging when someone has spoken to you. Please remember to use this skill when you’re here at BST, and you can even surprise your teachers and parents by using it outside the studio as well!”


Pushups are a consequence, not a punishment!

When students are late they miss part of the warm up, so they get to do pushups to make that up! Be on time so that you can warm up properly and avoid injury!

Wasatch Exhibition

Congrats to everyone who competed! See you next year!

Focused Practice, Ninja Challenge, & Performance 25s:

Self Defense Week 1

New Student Special

Web Special:

1 month FREE with registration!

ProShop Sale

Biggest Sale of the YEAR-


Get your Christmas Shopping done a little early!

(exp 11/30/2017)


Referral Rewards

Refer someone today! If they sign up, you get $25 to spend in the ProShop!

School Talks

We have a variety of talks that we routinely do at schools in order to support our teachers. To find out more click here!

Upcoming Events

  • December Sparring Party: December 2 from 9-12pm ($35)
  • Tricking Seminar: December 9, 12-2pm ($35)
  • Color Belt Testing Paperwork Due: December 8 @ 5pm
  • December Color Belt Testing: December 18-22. CBT Week Schedule Here.

Close Dates

  • Nov 22-24: Thanksgiving Break
  • Dec 25-Jan 2: Christmas Break

Note on Close Dates:

Many families go out of town for Holidays & 3 day weekends, which means that if we had class, many students would end up being behind when they got back. To mitigate this problem, we generally follow Alpine School District’s Calendar and are closed when students don’t have school. We have worked these breaks into our curriculum schedule, so that students who attend our scheduled classes regularly will cover everything they need in order to test. We publish our close dates for the year in our Yearly Calendar. Please refer to it and plan as many vacations as possible during close dates to help keep interruptions on your path to Black Belt to a minimum.