Focused Practice, Ninja Challenge, & Performance 25s

Techniques Week 1

Earn your half Green Tape!

Focused Practice

Practice your new Techniques 25 times on each side. Slow it down and make sure you’re starting and ending in the correct place on each one. Only increase speed once you can hit your spot reliably every time.

Ninja Challenge

Conditioning: Practice any applicable Techniques against a firm/hard surface until it gets a little uncomfortable (you should not hurt yourself!), then do other side. Let your body recover completely before doing that technique again.

This is great for knife hands, ridge hands, spear hands, punches, palm strikes, roundhouse kicks (on bobs instead of squishy targets), ax kicks, or any other striking surface that you want to strengthen. The key is to start small, be careful, and not cause bruising or other signs of damage. You want your body to get stronger through consistent repetition. In this case the tortoise really does beat the hare!

Performance 25

Do a Performance 25 for 2 past rank forms.

Focused Practice

Thoughtful, goal-driven practice designed to make specific improvements. Keys to focused practice:

  • Be specific: What exactly do you need to change/fix/learn?
  • Make it measurable: How will you be able to tell if you have accomplished it or not?
  • Repetition. Lots of Repetition: Do it correctly over and over to build muscle memory and make the changes stick.

Ninja Challenge

For when you’ve completed your focused practice and want to go above and beyond. By completing the Ninja Challenge you make yourself a stronger martial artist.

Performance 25s

A form of Focused Practice specifically for improving Poomsae.

  • Do a single poomsae 25 times.
  • Get that poomsae evaluated by an instructor.
  • Do another* single poomsae 25 times.
  • Get that poomsae evaluated by an instructor.
  • Put initialed & signed Performance 25 sheet in the fishbowl at the front desk.

*If students do the same poomsae 50 times on the same sheet then they need to get an eval between the first 25 and the second 25. That way we can catch any mistakes before they get it too engrained in their body memory!

We encourage students to turn in a Performance 25 each week. At Rank Advancement Ceremony every 3 months we have a raffle for prizes, and every completed Performance 25 counts as an entry to win!