Why come meet us in person?

  • Get a tour of our studio
  • Feel our welcoming spirit
  • Experience our teaching style
  • See if we’re a good fit for you
  • Be able to ask questions
  • Get the tools you need in order to make an informed decision

We look forward to meeting you and sharing this life-changing program with you!

Because we know this is the place you will want to be, we offer $25 off registration (normally $95) if you sign up on the day of your intro. This includes your uniform and gloves needed for classes. So bring your check book and be prepared to start your Black Belt Journey today!

To schedule Your Visit:

Call: 801-796-0412

Text: 408-673-9792

Email: beyondsportsutah@gmail.com

Feel free to call or text any time! Leave a message and we will return your call as soon as we can.

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How to Choose the Best Martial Arts Studio for You

When trying to find the perfect studio, it can be hard to know if you’re comparing apples to oranges.

These questions will help you know if you’ve found your perfect fit.

Vision & Focus:

  • Does the mission statement align with your own values and goals?
  • Do they have a system for building confidence?
  • Do they have and enforce consequences for un-acceptable behavior?
  • Do they teach their students the self control & respect to manage self defense skills?
  • Do they teach leadership skills?
  • Can students continue to progress beyond first degree Black Belt? 



  • Do you like the feel of the studio?
  • Do you feel comfortable and safe?
  • Is the curriculum clearly outlined?
  • How long has the studio been in business?
  • Does the studio have state & national associations?
  • Do they register their Black Belts internationally?


  • Do they require background checks?
  • How long have the instructors been teaching?
  • Do instructors receive instructor training?
  • Do instructors have energy?
  • Do instructors enjoy the students?
  • Is the instructor to student ratio high enough?