BST Calendars & Schedules

We have a variety of calendars and schedules here at BST, and they are all designed to help you be able to plan your Taekwondo time effectively.

Weekly Class Schedule

This is our current class schedule. We may add or remove classes to meet the needs of our students, but overall it changes very infrequently. We even keep the same schedule through the summer months. The only time we do not hold the classes as listed are on close dates (found in the Yearly Calendar), and during Color Belt Testing Week.

Yearly Calendar

As stated above, this calendar has our close dates, but it also has which tape we will be working on during any given week of classes, as well as when Color Belt Testings will be. We hope that you will be able to use this information to plan vacations and trips so that you miss as little Taekwondo as possible. Also, please keep in mind that if you miss the two weeks where a specific tape is taught, then you may need a private lesson or to attend the testing prep class in order to earn that tape before testing.

Color Belt Testing Week Schedule

Color Belt Testing Week has a different schedule than the rest of the year. There are no regular classes during this week, but you will still come twice, once for your test and once to receive your new belt. Testings are split up by rank, but if you cannot attend your assigned testing there is a Make-up Test scheduled on Friday. If you cannot attend Make-up Testing either, you can wait until the next Color Belt Testing, or you can schedule a Private Test with Master Sorenson ($100). Whichever option will help you to be more successful and reach your Black Belt is the one we recommend. 🙂

Belt Jump Camp Schedule

Belt Jump Camp is offered once a year during the week of June Color Belt Testing, in the morning hours. See the camp schedule here. It is a fun, fast-paced camp that allows students to earn their next rank in just one week, test and all. If you are interested in doing Belt Jump Camp please talk to your instructor to make sure it will be a good fit.