Community Activities & Programs


Self Defense & Anti-Bully Seminars

Everyone should have some basic knowledge of self defense. We offer a variety of options for those seeking this information:

  • Free Youth Group Seminars (such as Boy/Girl Scouts)
  • Free Church Group Seminars for all ages
  • Private Self Defense Seminars (family reunions, business retreats, group dates, etc.)

If you would like to schedule a private Self Defense Seminar, please click here.

Free School Talks

To schedule your free school talk, click here.

Bullying, if not handled well, can ruin a child’s school experience and inhibit their ability to learn, not to mention the damage it can cause as far as their confidence and self image. We have found that teaching children 5 simple skills, mostly communication oriented, helps them to deal with bullying in a non-violent way. These skills allow them to feel confident in who they are, help them to feel safe, and increase their ability to learn.  (20 minutes, includes Choose to be Safe poster)

When we combine our mind, body, and spirit we are better able to control ourselves. This seminar teaches students to use their knowledge, hands/eyes/feet, and attitude to be more focused in classes and motivates them to try harder to have self control. (20 minutes, includes a Focus For Better Grades poster, and one student will be able to break a board in front of the class.)

Respect is becoming more and more rare. As one of the founding principles of our martial art, we strive to find ways to reinforce it as much as we can. As we do so, we know that we are helping our students and therefore our communities at large. (20 minutes, includes a 20 Ways to Respect Your Teacher poster)
This fun class introduces some basic warm ups and techniques that we use in our regular classes, along with information on how to keep our environment safe. (35 minutes, includes a Choose to be Safe poster)