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About Go Beyond Kids

Taralyn Sorenson worked as a Montessori teacher for seven years before transitioning to teaching and supporting at-risk youth. She is very aware of the challenges children face in the world today and how important a solid foundation can be. We started this program in an effort to provide that foundation, and to support the families and children in our community. When it was time to create a logo, we borrowed heavily from our sister business, Beyond Taekwondo.

  • Go Beyond: Surpassing boundaries, becoming more than expected. We want to go beyond the classroom and find creative ways of learning that work for each child individually.
  • Kids: We provide a safe place for children to learn and discover so they can grow up successful and  well-adjusted.
  • Red Swirls (endless knot): Continual growth & learning. We are constantly working on improving ourselves to reach the next level, in all areas of life.


“This program stood out to us from the very beginning. With their staff & their genuine concern for each child’s development, their actions spoke louder than words. GoBeyond Kids & its Montessori program has helped our son grow cognitively & in his everyday doings. Our son has so much energy & we used to worry if he would even want to stay for both Preschool and Taekwondo, but both classes have been a blessing to us. The discipline & skills taught here are amazing. We have seen his growth from better communication/ listening skills to building relationships & reaching educational goals. If you are looking for a good, safe place for your children to learn & develop, GoBeyond Kids is your place.”

Vanessa Lindsay


“I love Go Beyond Kids and the Montessori Inspired learning that they teach. I have a 3 & a 4 year old in preschool this year and on the first day when I went to pick them up they didn’t want to leave. They weren’t listening and were trying to read one more book before they left. The next day when I went to pick them up they said, “Ok Mom!” and immediately cleaned up what they’d been working on and came to me. It’s amazing how quickly their behavior changed, and how their attitude has changed at home. 10 out of 10 would recommend for everyone!”

Hailee Danner


“I love sending my son to GoBeyond Kids! I was really worried about what preschool would fit my son and it was at the very last minute we decided GoBeyond was the best decision and it was! The first couple weeks of school passed and I started noticing the difference in my son when he would return. The way GoBeyond Kids does their hands on approach better helps my son have a more structured outline of life and not just in school! We love it!

Mary Booth


Go Beyond Kids

An Montessori Inspired Preschool & Afterschool Program that will have your child learning faster than you can keep up with!


  • Knowledge & Experiences
  • Our most powerful tool
  • Build your foundation!


  • Our bodies are amazing
  • Progress at your own speed
  • Be your own personal best!


  • Our attitude
  • Determines our success in life
  • Unlock the possibilities!


  • Be aware of Holidays, field trips, and parties
  • Know what your student is learning in class
  • Help reinforce what they are learning at home!

Helping Your Student Achieve Success

Unlock Your Full Potential. Say Hello to a New way of learning!

Our mission here at Go Beyond Kids is to set children up for long term success in academics, social interactions and problem solving as they discover the joy of learning and celebrate their independence in a supportive hands-on environment.

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What does it cost?

The core of Montessori style instruction is the individualized development of each student. Because it focuses on hands-on activities and individual growth, it requires a specialized classroom and specific training for teachers.

If you’re just looking for the bottom line, we want to make sure you are comparing apples to apples. We have a quality program with trained teachers who are continually updating their certifications. Our program is competitively priced for preschool programs of this caliber. We strive to provide the best program for our students, with the best bang for your buck. We strongly encourage you to visit our school and get a feel for our program before making any decisions.

As prices vary based on type of care, age and individual needs, please call for a quote.  Think about what care is optimal for your student. So we can fit a plan together for them.  We are DWS subsidized and also accept self pay.  You will enjoy the out of school program that we offer all ages. We look forward to seeing you in person if this feels like the right program for you.

Frequently Asked Questions!

What does Montessori-Inspired mean?

Maria Montessori developed a way of learning that allows kids and students to learn at their own pace using experimentation. We use these principles in our classroom to help students explore and learn what they are ready for. It is self guided with teachers there to help them process, learn, and be successful.

Why is it better than a traditional classroom?

Most traditional classrooms have a set curriculum that they have to get through, moving on even if some kids might need more time on the subject. Also, many traditional classrooms teach writing and reading by doing repetition. Writing a over and over again. This works for some kids, but all kids are different. In a Montessori based school system, kids often learn how to read and write at a much faster pace than regular schools. They learn the skills to write longer before they actually get a pencil in their hand and start trying to write letters. It’s an amazing way to allow them to feel, touch, explore, and understand in away that makes sense to them.

Do you do extended care?

Yes, there are extended care options. You can drop off as early as 8 am and pick up as late as 4pm.

Do you have Day Care?

Starting this Fall. We are opening our infant and toddler Day Care Preschool facility. We are so excited to work with your younger kids and help them explore the world in new ways!

Do they have snack time & Lunch?

Yes, morning preschool is from 9-12 with a snack at 10:30. Afternoon preschool is from 12:30-3:30 with a snack at 2:30. Students staying for both morning and afternoon preschool will eat the lunch that they bring from home at 12pm.

Does it go year round?

Yes, our regular preschool program follows the Alpine School District schedule starting Classes September 1st and ending the same day as ASD’s final day. After which we transition to Summer Preschool from the end of May through August.

Other Beyond Programs

Foundations 1 & 2

  • Students age 3-7
  • Taekwondo Foundation
  • Boundries & Respect

Intro to Taekwondo

  • Students 7 and up
  • Taekwondo Foundation
  • Self Defense & Confidence

Black Belt Club & Beyond!

  • Intermediate & up
  • Specialty classes
  • Go beyond your limitations!

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