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About Beyond Taekwondo

Master Taralyn Sorenson got her BS in Psychology and worked with at-risk teens for 15 years in various positions, including youth services and rape recovery. She is invested in helping each individual have the confidence to defend themselves. Click below to read more about our instructors!

When Beyond Taekwondo was originally founded in 2002 it was under the name Competitive Taekwondo Club, or CTC. Over time, however, we realized that this name and logo did not represent our full vision, so we changed our name to Beyond Taekwondo, with the red swirls.

  • Beyond: Surpassing boundaries, becoming more than expected.
  • Taekwondo: At our heart we are Olympic Style Taekwondo, with all of its tradition and history.
  • Red Swirls: Continual growth & learning. We are constantly working on improving ourselves to reach the next level, in all areas of life.

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“BST has transformed my son, helping him to manage his ADHD and ODD though physical activity, meditation, and a goal-oriented program. He has made great friends, learned to serve, and developed grit to persevere and overcome when he falls. He’s now a second degree Black Belt and a straight A student. I realize that BST requires a financial commitment, but it’s actually much cheaper than therapy and, for us, way more effective. I’m so grateful for the way BST has blessed my family and my son.”

Emily Milner


“BST has been our martial arts go to for over 8 years. It has become our home and the staff & Instructors have become our family. Our oldest started in 4th grade. He stuggled with impulse control, attention, and agressive tendencies. Beyond was the perfect place for him. They taught him how to be patient, to listen, and to find better choices to lashing out. I have since put my other 4 boys in their program. Their leadership curriculum is amazing. It teaches my boys how to be leaders in the studio, at home, and the community. I could go on forever about the awesomeness of their programs. Beyond Sports will forever have my loyalty and my eternal thankfulness for all they have done for my family! We love them!!”

Brittany Frisbie


Taekwondo has taught my children focus and hard work. They know they can’t just show up at class–they have to come prepared to give their best effort. The art of Taekwondo has taught my children respect. They respect the mat, respect their instructors, and respect other students. This has naturally flowed into a greater respect practiced in our home. I love that BST incorporates meditation into all their classes. Meditation is a valuable skill that everyone would benefit from learning. One day I sent my son to his room for poor behavior. When I checked on him a few minutes later, I saw him sitting upright in his bed, legs crossed, eyes closed, meditating. When he decided to come out of his room, his attitude had changed dramatically–of his own accord. Over several years he has learned how to use meditation to calm himself, change his emotions, and refocus on demanding tasks. And I know this skill will serve him well in the future.

Michelle Kasteler


Beyond Sports Taekwondo

Helping students “Go Beyond” since 2002!

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  • Knowledge & Experiences
  • Our most powerful tool
  • Grow your base!


  • Our bodies are amazing
  • Progress at your own speed
  • Be your own personal best!


  • Our attitude
  • Affects our success in life
  • Unlock the possibilities!

Our Student Creed

Better understand the 5 tenets of Taekwondo and implement them into your life.

Student Information

Find out what is going on at Beyond Sports Taekwondo.

Helping You Achieve Success

Unlock your Full Potential. Say Hello to THE NEW YOU!

Our mission here at Beyond Sports Taekwondo is to give as many people as possible the knowledge, skills, and confidence they need to be their best selves. That means our purpose is to help you learn and grow, and to provide opportunities and systems to support you every step of the way!

We've been in business since 2002 and we're here to stay!

All of our Black Belts are internationally certified through Kukkiwon.

Our curriculum is time-tested, reliable, and consistent.

Our facility is clean, safe, and uplifting - the perfect place to train!

We have trained instructors with years of experience.

We have wonderful students who are earnestly seeking to become their best selves!

Foundations 1 & 2

Teaches foundational techniques to our youngest students!

Intro Taekwondo

Introduces students to martial arts and our base curriculum.

Black Belt Club

Provides specialty classes that take students to the next level!

Advanced Programs

Perform with Demo Team & learn to teach with Leadership Team!

Learn more about our programs!

Check out our amazing facility in our video tours below.

We keep a 1 to 10 ratio between Instructor and Students, which enables students to get their needs met and their questions answered. We love what we do here at Beyond Taekwondo – Let us share it with you!

Schedule a tour to see what we are all about!

How much does it cost?

If you’re just looking for the bottom line, we want to make sure you are comparing apples to apples. We have a quality program with internationally certified instructors who have gone through extensive leadership training. Our program is competitively priced for martial arts instruction of this caliber. We strive to provide the best program for our students, with the best bang for your buck. We strongly encourage you to visit our studio and get a feel for our program before making any decisions. Many studios force you to do just that and refuse to give pricing until you walk in the door, but the hard sale isn’t our style. We won’t pressure you and trap you in long contracts. We want you to WANT to be here. Thus, our program prices can be found in the link below. We look forward to seeing you in person if this feels like the right program for you.

Beyond Sports TKD | Utah's Premier Martial Arts Studio

Tournaments, Seminars, & Events!

Learn faster by competing and challenging yourself.


  • Focus on a specific aspect of Taekwondo
  • Take your skills to the next level


  • Experience risk and learn to manage stress
  • See your progress in comparison to others at a similar stage


  • Allow you to grow in a new setting
  • Are especially fun!
Black Belt Testing Trial 1 (Saturday Sept 17th)

Black Belt Testing has 3 Trials. Trial 1 Focuses on:

  • Techniques
  • Kicks
  • Self Defense at learning level

This test provides the base for what will be tested at Trial 2 in December!

Come see what is expected of you at Black Belt Testing and cheer on our candidates!

Sept Color Belt Testing (Sept 19th - Sept 23rd)
  • Demonstrate what you learned during the testing cycle
  • Practice confidence, focus & self control
  • Celebrate moving to the next level!
    Wasatch Exhibition (Saturday October 8th)
    • Poomsae: Designate (Individual, Pair, Team), Creative (Individual, Pair, Team), Weapons
    • Sparring: Olympic & Flag
    • Demonstration Team
    • Breaking: Power – Palm Strike Down, Speed – Consecutive Spin Hook Kick, Multiple Breaking – Create your own board breaking routine

    Registration Closes Sept 25th at 11:59pm. This is a great opportunity to practice for testing, or just have fun! Register today!

    Halloween Trunk-or-Treat! (Saturday Oct 29th)
    • A free event that allows us to Trick-Or-Treat in a fun, safe, environment.
    • Costume Contest: Submit a link to a 20-30 second video of you in your costume explaining why it is amazing. Email all entries to beyondsportsutah@gmail.com by Oct 12. Must be present on Oct 29th to win.
    • Trunk Decorating Contest: Decorate your trunk with a fun theme!
    • Family, friends, and neighbors invited to attend as well.

    Bring some treats, some friends and come party!

    BST 20th Anniversary Party!! (Saturday Nov 5th)

    We are so excited to celebrate our 20th Anniversary of being open for business! We have loved the many wonderful indivudals we’ve have gotten to know over the years. You are amazing and we want to celebrate with you! We will have an open house from 7-9pm. Some stop by and say Hi! We can’t wait to see you!

    Black Belt Testing Trial 2 (Saturday Dec 10th)

      Black Belt Testing has 3 Trials. Trial 2 Focuses on:

      • Poomsae
      • Kick Combos
      • Self Defense at performance level

      This test will determine a lot of what Black belt Candidates will perform at their final performance (Trial 3).

      Come see what is expected of you at Black Belt Testing and cheer on our candidates!

      Black Belt Testing Trial 3 (Saturday Jan 28th)

        Black Belt Testing has 3 Trials. Trial 3 is there final performance and celebration! Focuses on:

        • Poomsae
        • Kick Combos
        • Self Defense at performance level

        It is a fun celebration of all their hard work finishing with receiving their new belt and and awards ceremony to celebrate those that went the extra mile.

        Come see what is expected of you at Black Belt Testing and cheer on our candidates!

        Poomsae Seminar (April 15, 2023)

        Take your performance skills to the next level!

        • Sport Poomsae (9am-12pm). Focus on traditional forms and techniques. Increase your Power, Focus, and Flow.
        • Creative Poomsae (1pm -4pm). This is a fun way to create your own poomsae (traditional or with weapons) and make them ready for competition by adding tricks, flips, kick combos etc.
        • $65 for 1 seminar or $120 for both!

         Come join us for a fun day and get a taste of what we do in Sport Poomsae.

        Sparring Seminar (May 13th, 2023)
        • Take your sparring to the next level
        • A fun, safe environment to work on techniques and strategies
        • Be more successful in a tournament setting

        Come ready to learn and and have fun!

        Black Belt Overnighter (June 2-3, 2023)

        To Kick off our Black Belt Testing Cycle we have a fun filled, Team Building experience!

        This year we are going to a ropes course, will have team building games, a sunrise hike to Stewart Falls and will finish the day with Board Breaking.

        All Black Belts are invited to attend, not just those that are testing. See you there!

          Back to School Party (Saturday August 12th, 2023)
          • Celebrate with friends and family before we go back to school
          • Break boards, play games, and party with your BST friends!

          Bring some non-Taekwondo friends and show them why you love it! Registration coming soon.

          Other Beyond Programs

          GoBeyond Kids Day Care, Preschool, & Afterschool is determined to set children up for long term success in academics, social interactions and problem solving as they discover the joy of learning and celebrate their independence in a supportive hands-on environment.


          • Montessori-based program that is more than a Day Care
          • Helps children love learning
          • Learn life skills, reading, writing, math, and more!


          • School pick up
          • Snack time
          • Homework help
          • Fun learning activities that help children understand better!

          Summer Adventurers

          • 9-5 M-F June through August
          • Activities, projects, & fun
          • Learning & growing all summer!

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