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About Go Beyond Kids

Taralyn Sorenson worked as a Montessori teacher for seven years before transitioning to teaching and supporting at-risk youth. She is very aware of the challenges children face in the world today and how important a solid foundation can be. We started this program in an effort to provide that foundation, and to support the families and children in our community. When it was time to create a logo, we borrowed heavily from our sister business, Beyond Taekwondo.

  • Go Beyond: Surpassing boundaries, becoming more than expected. We want to go beyond the classroom and find creative ways of learning that work for each child individually.
  • Kids: We provide a safe place for children to learn and discover so they can grow up successful and  well-adjusted.
  • Red Swirls (endless knot): Continual growth & learning. We are constantly working on improving ourselves to reach the next level, in all areas of life.

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“I have been able to see visible progress in my learning, it has helped me to reach personal goals, it’s helped me to take risks and learn how to better manage adrenaline, and especially to celebrate my accomplishments in a supportive community.”

Suzanne Fry

Parent then Student

“I have done Taekwondo for over 20 years. There really is no program like this in the state of Utah. I love that the focus is on the individual & becoming your best self. I love watching as my own kids start on this journey and all they are learning about self control in a fun, safe environment.”

Hailee Danner

Master Instructor & Parent

“BST has transformed my son, helping him to manage his ADHD and ODD through physical activity, meditatioin, and a goal-oriented program. He has made great friends, learned to serve and overcome when he falls. He’s now a second degree black belt and a straight A student.”

Emily Milner