Entry Level Programs

Foundations 1 Program

This program focuses on foundational skills that will help children be successful at home and prepare them for school.

Ages: 3 ½ to 5 years

Requirements: Must be potty-trained!

Price: $89/month


  • Two 30-minute classes per week
  • Basic Taekwondo Training
  • Essential Life Skills (such as respect, confidence, following directions, taking turns, etc.)
  • Stranger Danger
  • Acclimation to classroom expectations
  • Separate Ranking System

Foundations 2 Program

This program focuses on more advanced skills than in foundations 1, including basics of tricks & flips, which will prepare them to excel in our next program.

Ages: 5-7 years

Price: $104/month


  • Two 45-minute classes per week
  • Basic Taekwondo Training
  • Essential Life Skills (such as respect, confidence, self control, focus, personal responsibility, etc.)
  • Basic Self Defense
  • Basic Tricks & Flips
  • Separate Ranking System

Introductory Taekwondo Program

This program teaches the basic skills students need to progress in Taekwondo. It is a great introduction to the martial arts and helps students acclimate before adding other classes.

Ages: 7-99 years

Prices: $119/month


  • Two 55-minute classes per week
  • Basic Taekwondo Training
  • Essential Life Skills (such as respect, confidence, focus, discipline, etc.)
  • Basic Self Defense
  • Increased Coordination & Control
  • Traditional Ranking System

Program Upgrades

Black Belt Club Upgrade

This program provides all the supplementary classes that will set you up for success, including sparring, poomsae, board breaking, tricks & flips, weapons, and (eventually) your Black Belt Prep Classes.

Price: $154/month


  • Unlimited curriculum and supplementary classes per week
  • Black Belt Prep Classes when the time comes
  • Essential Life Skills (Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self Control, & Indomitable Spirit, to name a few)
  • Increased Self Defense Skills
  • Increased Power and Reaction Skills
  • Increased Knowledge of Application
  • Increased Sharpness and Focus
  • Traditional Ranking System

Leadership Team Upgrade

Our Leadership Program is built specifically for teens and adults who wish to improve their leadership skills. While many lessons are taught with reference to Taekwondo, the skills learned in this class are versatile and encompassing enough to be used in any leadership situation at home, community, or school. 

Price: $174/month


  • Unlimited curriculum and supplementary classes per week
  • One 60-minute Leadership class per week
  • One or more Assisting classes per week
  • All the benefits of our other programs
  • Essential Leadership Skills (such as communication, problem solving, public speaking, etc.)
  • Full-Color Leadership Uniform with registration
  • Separate Ranking System
  • Great for Scholarship Applications
  • Start your career in the Martial Arts here!

Demonstration Team Upgrade

Demo Team is an amazing program where we work on developing the necessary strength and skills to create unified team performances utilizing  aspects of Taekwondo – Poomsae, Kicking & Kick Combos, Self Defense, Tricks & Flips, Breaking, etc. Not only will it take your performance skills to the next level, but you will also build life-long friendships.

Price: $249/month


  • Unlimited classes per week from all programs
  • One 120-minute class each week
  • All of the benefits of our other programs
  • Team Jacket and Uniform
  • Increased strength and skills
  • Separate Ranking System with our unique Demo Team Curriculum

Go Beyond Kids

GoBeyond Kids Preschool Programs

This Montossori-inspired program is a great way for your 6 weeks – 6 year old student to grow and learn at their own pace. Now Enrolling for Spring 2023


  • Montessori-Inspired Curriculum
  • Pre-mid-post Assessments
  • Half Day (AM/PM)
  • Full Dday (9AM-3:30PM)
  • Extended Hours (8-9AM, 3:30-5:30PM)
  • Home Activities
  • Morning & Afternoon Snack
  • Taekwondo Discounts for students 3 & up

GoBeyond Kids Afterschool Program

This is a great program for your 5-12 year olds to get the help they need after school and also participate in fun activities.

Enrolling now for Spring 2023


  • School pick up
  • Homework help
  • STEM Activities
  • After School Snack
  • Taekwondo Discounts

GoBeyond Kids Summer Adventurers

Our Summer Adventurers are a great way to give your student a fun, hands-on, educational experience. 

Enrolling now for Summer 2023


  • Interactive Themes
  • Summer School Refreshers
  • 10am – 3pm
  • Extended Hours Options
  • Morning & Afternoon Snack
  • Field Trips

How much does it cost?

If you’re just looking for the bottom line, we want to make sure you are comparing apples to apples. We have a quality program with internationally certified instructors who have gone through extensive leadership training. Our program is competitively priced for martial arts instruction of this caliber. We strive to provide the best program for our students, with the best bang for your buck. We strongly encourage you to visit our studio and get a feel for our program before making any decisions. Many studios force you to do just that and refuse to give pricing until you walk in the door, but the hard sale isn’t our style. We won’t pressure you and trap you in long contracts. We want you to WANT to be here. Thus, our program prices can be found here. We look forward to seeing you in person if this feels like the right program for you.  

Interested in one of our programs?

We have free tours of our facility available. Come try a class. Talk to us! Let us know what questions you have and what we can do for you!

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