Refine 50’s


“I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks one time. But I fear the man that has practiced one kick 10,000 times.” – Bruce Lee


 The purpose for this is to refine that section. You know the whole form now, but you mess up that one block, kick, set, etc. every time. Refine 50’s are a great way to focus on one thing and improve it. Some ideas are listed to the right.

That being said, DO NOT do multiple R50’s in a row for the same section without getting an eval. We want to make sure that you are doing the section correctly because body memory is incredibly difficult to change. But it’s a lot easier to fix it the sooner we catch it.  So make sure you get an evaluation from your instructor before doing the next one.

Things to focus on:

  • Memorization of a specific section (or Poom)
  • Stances in a section/line
      • Distance/Accuracy
      • Level 1 vs. Level 2
  • Blocks & Strikes in a section/line
      • Accuracy
      • Setting with both hands
  • Hand and Feet Arriving at the same time in a section/line
  • Tempo of a specific section/line
  • Transitions
      • Transitioning on the ball of your foot
      • Balance during the transition
      • Transition from one line to another
      • Transition from a stance to a kick back into a stance.
  • Specific feedback you received from Color Belt Testing

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